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Medical Malpractice Suspicious Claims
Public Entity Defense Business Litigation
Management-Side Employment Litigation Nursing Homes Defense/Elder Abuse
Insurance and Tort Defense

Medical Malpractice

CREASON & AARVIG, LLP has developed the highest level of expertise in the representation of medical professionals when faced with a liability concern. James A. Creason has devoted more than twenty years of his practice exclusively to the defense of physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, medical groups, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. In that time, he has built one of the premiere medical negligence defense practices in Southern California through hard work, excellent results, and a premier reputation.

Mr. Creason approaches his practice in a highly professional and competent manner. Working exclusively on medical malpractice cases, he has developed an intimate understanding of the medical field. He develops close relationships with the physicians and hospital staff he represents to fully understand the impact of the claim and provide the best defense available.

Mr. Creason’s success in defending claims of medical malpractice cases speaks for itself. He takes an aggressive approach to the representation of medical professionals. When trial is required, Mr. Creason’s record is unmatched. His litigation approach is based upon keen attention to detail and thorough pretrial preparation to emphasize his exceptional advocacy skills and provide you with legal representation of the highest quality.

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Public Entity Defense

CREASON & AARVIG, LLP emphasizes the defense of cities, school districts, risk pools, employee benefit pools, and other public entities. We represent a number of governmental entities throughout Southern California in the areas of personal injury, employment practices, wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment claims, road design defect claims, dangerous conditions of public property, violations of civil rights, police liability, employee benefit litigation, school district representation, and general contract disputes.

Maria Aarvig devotes a considerable portion of her practice to developing an innovative approach to handling these matters in which she can represent her clients’ best interests and keep legal costs at a minimum. She works closely with risk managers and other city officials to ensure she has a full understanding of the issue presented and can provide the most effective representation.

Prominent in Ms. Aarvig’s practice are highly emotionally-charged cases involving claims of sexual abuse and misconduct. Appreciating the severity of such accusations, Ms. Aarvig has the demonstrated ability to balance the need for tough, forceful representation with the sensitivity the claim requires. Ms. Aarvig uses alternative litigation approaches to dispose of such claims quickly and efficiently while minimizing the negative consequences even a fruitless claim may have.

Ms. Aarvig’s record demonstrates exceptional results in pre-trial dispositions. Ms. Aarvig aggressively challenges the claims against her client and invokes the many immunities and privileges from which her clients often benefit. She has the experience to eliminate frivolous claims at early stages and avoids putting her client through the time and expense of advanced-level litigation, and consistently fights to obtain the sanctions available to compensate her clients subjected to such claims.

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Management-Side Employment Litigation

CREASON & AARVIG, LLP places a special emphasis on defending public entities and private businesses against employment law claims. Handling a variety of claims, our attorneys understand the trial process and thoroughly prepare your case for trial from the very beginning to maximize your chances of success. We litigate employment law matters such as discrimination claims based on race, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability. We also aggressively defend claims of hostile work environment or sexual harassment. In non-discrimination areas, we defend wrongful termination cases and employment contract disputes. Before litigation arises, we represent our clients in administrative matters before the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Much of our education emphasis is directed toward workplace liability and the ever-changing laws that can result in liability for the employer. The firm provides training sessions designed both to ensure that the employer can establish a defense and to sensitize employees to the potential risks they might create for their employer.

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Insurance and Tort Defense

CREASON & AARVIG, LLP specializes in Insurance and Tort Defense and the unique issues and problems faced by the insurance industry. Our attorneys are acutely aware of the need to be innovative and adaptive in providing defense services to insurance companies and their policyholders and to remain current with all developments in the insurance industry. We have extensive experience in dealing with the special issues raised by complex multi-party litigation and have developed a support staff geared toward efficiently handling such matters.

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Suspicious Claims

Attorneys at CREASON & AARVIG, LLP have expertise and experience in litigating suspicious claims. Lawyers assigned to the handling of suspicious claims have acquired insight into the recurring schemes, questionable medical facilities, and participants involved in such claims. Our attorneys aggressively litigate cases involving issues of illegal and unauthorized medical treatment and questionable medical practices.

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Business Litigation

CREASON & AARVIG, LLP provides a range of general business services, including the formation and dissolution of corporations, partnerships, limited liability corporations, and limited liability companies. Our services include contract negotiations, handling contract disputes, business torts, commercial collections, and employment law. We can assist new and existing businesses in setting up their employee handbooks and establishing policies and procedures for handling of employee claims and grievances. We provide legal services for manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of consumer products as well as professionals involved in errors and omissions litigation.

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Nursing Homes Defense/Elder Abuse

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